What is Black Rock Mine Service
Black Rock Mine Service is a dynamic mining and fabrication shop, we offer a full line up of services and products to keep any mining, oil, or gas equipment running at peak performance. We offer very competitive bids forjobs performed by experienced professionals. With excellent customer service and quality work that we stand by, you won't be disappointed if you contact us.

Our Shop's Capabilities
Although we are a full service mine services, welding and fabrication shop, here's a list of our most common products and services :

◦ AMSCO Crowd racking for P&H Shovels
◦ Bushings for shovels and draglines
◦ Custom cast products from wear components to structural cast components
◦ We can design a wide variety of products that we can build to optimize your mines operations including anything from small parts to plant chutes to Dippers
◦ Finite Element Analysis on projects that we design
◦ Grader blade mold board and ripper rebuilds
◦ HARDGUARD –700 BHN wear products metallurgical bonded to mild steel or even cast steel applications for easy installation and excellent wear - chocky bars, wear buttons –grizzly bars-knife edges
◦ Induction Hardened Pins for any application
◦ Delivery of parts and on-site services at your machine or warehouse
◦ Keeper systems for pins that will fit your needs
◦ Latch bars, latch levers, inserts, and sheaves for rope shovels
◦ Manganese Bushings for shovels and draglines
◦ Nylatron Sheaves that are light weight and durable during service
◦ Overlaid pins for tough applications
◦ Preparation plant work on-site, prefabrication at our shop, crusher segments and roll rebuilds
◦ Rigging fabrication, castings and rebuilds for draglines
◦ Skid fabrication for nearly any use.
◦ Truck bed rebuilds and modifications
◦ Ultra Sonic testing services, weld testing, Thermography services
◦ Weld training and technical services for welding on mine sites, power plants, construction projects, oil and gas projects.
◦ Wear packages for dragline buckets, shovel dippers, loader buckets, hydraulic shovel buckets, truck beds and dozer blades

Custom Fabrication Or Repair Services
Contact us directly for a consultation about any custom fabrication or service reqeusts. We are a versatile shop with skilled workers that can handle just about any project. Contact us today to setup consultation regarding your project's needs.

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